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Top 5 Don’ts for Home Remodeling From a Contractor


Home remodeling can be a brilliant, adventure, and it is incredibly satisfying when it goes well. But when it goes wrong it can be a disaster. These essential tips come from an experienced contractor. Pay attention to these ‘what not to do’ tips, and get your project off to the best possible start.

1 – Don’t Compromise on Quality

When you are selecting materials, make sure you choose something high quality. If you’re looking at counter tops, for example, pick a material that is hardwearing, easy to clean and unlikely to stain. Resist the urge to pick something that looks nicer and emulates a more expensive material, if that material is likely to warp, stain or otherwise need replaced or resurfaced after a few years. Cheap materials can be a false economy in any niche, but are doubly problematic in home remodeling.

2 – Don’t Stretch Your Budget at the Expense of Your Contingency

If you can’t afford your chosen materials it can be tempting to opt for something more expensive – and make room for it by eating into your contingency budget. This is a very wrong decision. Your main budget is your budget for when things are going well – for your materials, contractors, planning permission if you need it, tools, etc. Your contingency is a vital part of your remodeling plans. There is a very high chance that something will go wrong. We interviewed Cottage Industries remodeling contractor, who said that they will find a problem when they break into a wall. A pipe will burst, there will be an issue with the materials you buy, or there will be delays. That is what your contingency is for.

3 – Don’t Follow Fashion For the Sake of It

Think carefully about your remodeling plans. Are you really sure that you want to make the changes you are thinking of? If you are remodeling because a TV show told you that open plan living is in, do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Do your plans reflect your preferences, taste, personality and living arrangements? Because if they don’t and you end up regretting them, then you will have to pay to undo them. Think about your plans carefully and talk to the rest of the people who live in the house before you commit to expensive work.

4 – Don’t Forget About the Seasons when Planning Your Project

Before you do anything that will actually involve knocking down walls, working on the roof or even ripping windows out, think about the time of year and the timescale of the project. You don’t want to be without heating in the winter, or trying to paint outside in the rainy season. You don’t want to lose your AC in the summer, and if you have kids you don’t want builders around during the school holidays. Plan for that sort of thing before you start spending money.

5 – Don’t Do Anything Without a Proper Floor Plan

You might think that you can eyeball your floor arrangements, but it’s not as easy as you think it is. A lot of items of furniture interact in more ways than you first think, and building a good floor plan (and ideally a 3D model) will help you to figure all that out so that you can make sure that you are putting together a layout that is both good looking and functional.

If you can’t quite get the plan to work, don’t just push on with your ideas. Hire a designer for proper residential remodeling. The money you spend will save you a lot of stress and hassle – remember that you will have to live in space you come up with, so it needs to be functional as well as nice looking.

If you plan ahead and spend your money wisely, you can get a great living space that will last you for many years, and that is easy enough to modify to stay on-trend. The trick is to think before you start tearing things to pieces, demolishing walls, or making massive changes to the layout of your home. Tradesmen say ‘measure once, cut twice’, and that rule has a lot of value for interior design too. [Read more…] about Top 5 Don’ts for Home Remodeling From a Contractor